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The Osis company commissioned us to design premium packaging for their product that is targeted at Northern European countries. The extra virgin olive oil comes from handpicked olives of the Koroneiki and Athionoelia varieties using cold extraction. The marketing agency Ambigram coordinated the project.

Maleas Olive Oil is named after Cape Maleas and its lighthouse at the southern tip of Lakonia in the Peloponnese.

The lighthouse and landscape of Lakonia were our inspiration for the main visual of the label. We created a simple black and white drawing – an abstract representation of the lighthouse – and then carved it in linoleum. We hand printed it on paper, scanned it and did the necessary retouching.

We decided to have the label wrap around the bottle instead of having separate front and back labels. That allowed us to extend the illustration horizontally, giving it room to breathe and providing more space for the product information.

The light shining from the lighthouse and the Maleas logo were printed with gold foil to give a luxurious feeling and match the olive oil colour.

A transparent bottle was chosen in order to show the olive oil’s unique colour. The bottle neck looked a bit awkward so we dressed it with high quality black string. We selected a wooden cap and decided to paint it black to match the string. A gold paper security strip ties these two elements together.

The client asked for a special gift package, so we created 3 more illustrations of Lakonia landscapes and printed them with the traditional letterpress method on Fabiano Tiepolo 100% cotton in 200 hand numbered copies.

The letterpress printing process

A box made of high quality black paper was created to contain the illustrations and be used as a gift. The Maleas logo was stamped in gold foil.

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Silver Pentaward, Pentawards 2014