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58th Thessaloniki International Film Festival


The idea of ​​the series of four posters is based on one of the basic elements of cinema and image: the concept of the frame. White was used universally for the typography, and for the frame.

The film frame is the field of the frame ‘maestro’, the director, who uses it to form the pictures, the shots of the film he envisioned. The frame is part of the reality and also the base of fiction filmmaking. Within its borders, big and small miracles are produced and deduced.

The photos were taken in the wider area of Thessaloniki (Thermaikos Gulf, a pier at Aretsou in the Kalamaria neighbourhood, rooftops in the city center, a field on the western edge of the city). These images also have the characteristic November light and atmosphere that festival goers experience in Thessaloniki each year

The Film Festival’s visual identity was applied in various public spaces.

The concept of the frame was reinforced by a white sticker that appeared in the windows of retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops and bars throughout the city.

Thessaloniki International Film Festival
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