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Attica Wayfinding


Attica Department Stores commissioned us to design the wayfinding for the Stadiou street branch in Athens. There was an existing signage system which was inadequate mainly because of the complexity of the building (it's a combination of three different buildings and each floor plan is different). We visited the store, photographed the premises, measured all available free space and recorded the wayfinding needs. The task was to help customers find their way around the building and at the same time create a visual identity that would be obvious in a discreet manner. 

The visual language consisted of custom designed pictograms, lines in two weights, Attica colours and a typeface that is legible from a distance.

We were also asked by the Bogdanos architecture firm to decorate surfaces that were dull (like facades, escalators). It was important to fill these spaces in a quiet way in order to complement the very busy visual environment of the shopping area itself.

The wayfinding turned out to be very functional. When Attica opened its new store in Thessaloniki in 2014 we were asked to adapt the visual identity and signage to this building's needs.

Attica Department Stores
Interior graphics