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Books plus


Kafetzis Bookstores is a family business with 4 bookstores in the major cities of Thrace (an area in Northeastern Greece). When book sales started to drop because of the financial crisis and the internet, the owners decided to extend their services by adding a coffee bar, games, exhibitions and a music corner at their stores. They asked us to propose a new name for their business and a new visual identity.

We proposed the name books plus (indicating the bookstore's new services), but substituted the plus with the addition symbol (+) and we used the name Kafetzis as a subtitle in order to remind the old clients that it is the same business.

In order to create the new visual identity we chose 4 objects - each one representing the new services: an espresso maker for the coffee bar, a toy horse for games, a palette for art exhibitions and headphones for music.

These objects were wrapped with pages from books and photographed against a white background.

The four images were used in various printed matter: cards, postcards, bookmarks.

The Kafetzis family decided to use the four objects as window displays by constructing oversized versions of them.

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