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Book covers


We designed our first book relatively late: in 1993, a historical photo album for the American Farm School of Thessaloniki. Design and execution were a mix of paper mechanicals and early digital technology. Since then we designed literature book covers, photographic and historical albums, art catalogues and books. Here is a selection of some of the covers.

Nikos Bakolas: The Unfinished Writing of Blood
Nikos Bakolas: Besa gia Besa
Efi Tambouri: The Tree of Kisses
Nikos Kokantzis: Gioconda (second edition)
Nikos Kokantzis: Gioconda (third edition)
Elizabeth Lansdale: My Metamorphosis
Thessaloniki Museum of Photography: Archaelogies
Thessaloniki Museum of Photography: Traces
Thessaloniki Museum of Photography: Photography and narrative
Vangelis Nikopoulos: Grevena 1895-1975
Lynne Cohen, Lucinda Devlin: A Place without a Place
Aris Georgiou: The Thessaloniki Photographs
Stergios Tsioumas: Roaming the City
Thessaloniki Museum of Photography: Glance at the City
Nikolaos Tobazis: India - Greece
Kostis Antoniadis: Used Photographs
Fred Boissonas: Mount Athos Itinerary
Leonidas Papazoglou: Photographic Portraits of Kastoria
Thessaloniki Museum of Photography: Salonique Ça va?
48th Dimitria Festival
State Museum of Contemporary Art: The Museum inside the Museum
Dimitria Letsios: Into the Light and Shadow of Greece
Petros Mitkas: First Images
Abraham Pavlidis: The Last Glance
State Museum of Contemporary Art: Genius Seculi
State Museum of Contemporary Art: Leda Papakonstantinou
Thessaloniki Museum of Photography: The Image of the Scientist
Archontoula Diavati: I Leave but I Will Return
Archontoula Diavati: Earring on the Nose
Fokion Zissiadis: Iceland
State Museum of Contemporary Art: Biennale 2
Yiannis Pantelidis: Nothing Personal
Eagles Palace: Artists in Residence 2015
The George Tsolozidis Collection
The Theological School of Halki: The Building and its Restoration
Paris Patridis: Details in the Centre of the City
Thessaloniki Museum of Photography: Post Doc
Martin Koenig: Voices & Images from Bulgaria
Arts & Culture