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CD covers


We designed our first album cover in 1987 (Mora sti fotia / Babies on Fire). Since then we’ve collaborated with numerous musicians creating more than 60 covers, back covers, booklets, inserts for cds, vinyls and cassettes. Here we present a selection of some of the covers.

Trypes: Nine Songs Paid For
Trypes: Head Full of Gold
Trypes: Inside the Night of Others
Trypes: A Trip That Doesn’t End
Ta Xilina Spathia: Xessaloniki
Ta Xilina Spathia: Away from the Cities of Asphalt
Ta Xilina Spathia: A Gaze Like Rain
Ta Xilina Spathia: A A Circle in the Air
Ta Xilina Spathia: Live
Yannis Agelakas - Yorgos Karras: Wonderful Nothing
Yannis Agelakas - Nikos Veliotis: Breath of the Wolves
Yannis Agelakas - Nikos Veliotis: When Will We Get Here
Yannis Agelakas and the Visitors: From Here On
Yannis Agelakas: Saravalo + Happy Uphill
Yannis Agelakas: Deep Soul
Mora Sti Fotia (Babies on Fire)
Mora sti fotia: Actors
Mora sti fotia: Cougar Baby, Smoking Rabbit
Sokratis Malamas: Outside
Lost Bodies: Life
Mad Max
Ghetto: But If You Come from Here
Yorgos Christianakis: The Doorman
Yorgos Christianakis: Strange Stories
Maskes: Bridges on Roofs
DeFacto: The Courtyard of Miracles
Vassilis Goudaroulis: I Put My City on Fire
Rodama: Planet
Babis Papadopoulos: Scenes from a Journey
Babis Papadopoulos: From Draco's Cave
Nanoi: Linguafon
Underwater Chess: In Joy Your Fear
Kostas Makrigiannakis, Theofilos Sotiriadis: On Lacrimae
Eleni Tsaligopoulou: ta-ri-ra
Psarantonis: Had the Sea Mountains
Psaroyiorgis: No Matter How the Wind Blows
Babis Papadopoulos: Pain in Joy / Joy in pain
Babis Papadopoulos: Fables of the Useless
Various recording labels
CD and Vinyl