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Venetsanos Winery


The winery was established in 1947 in Oia, Santorini and was the first industrialised winery of the island. In 2016 the Venetsanos family decided to upgrade the winery's image and assigned us to do the rebranding. They targeted a foreign audience of middle and high income as well as customised weddings held at the winery premises. The marketing agency Ambigram coordinated the project.

The Venetsanos Winery front terrace overlooking the Caldera.

The logo design was based on the initials of the words Venetsanos + Winery and the colour palette combined gold (the famous Santorini sunset) and gray (the stone facade of the winery).

Our first task was to design labels for a series of anniversary wine bottles that were produced as a limited, numbered edition. We used simple typography on the labels and accentuated the title First Bottling by printing it with metal foils of various colours.

In order to design the labels for the 4 main labels (Santorini, Nykteri, Mandilaria, Anagallis), we created a series of minimal illustrations inspired by Cycladic imagery and by the mural at the Akrotiri archaeological site in Thira.

Illustration details on the labels
Illustration details on the labels
Venetsanos Winery
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