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Vogiatzis wines


Ktima Vogiatzi is a small winery in Velventos, Kozani in Northern Greece. The winery had simple labels that were not reflecting the superior quality of the wine. We were asked to design new labels forming two groups: one with the three basic wines (white, red, rosé) and one for the varietal wines (Tsapournakos, Lefkotsiknias, Xinomavro).

Ceci n'est pas une pipe (This is not a pipe), René Magritte

The labels for the three basic wines were done photographically, playing a game by repeating each image 3 times.

The labels for the three varietal wines were illustrated with pen and ink.

The story of the first label: Tsapournakos, the name of an old, almost extinct, Greek varietal. Its an "ugly" name - but ugliness is what made us think of the frog. To accentuate the difference between an ugly name / animal and a wonderful wine, we added a crown to the frog, relating it to the fairy tale of the prince-frog. Fairy tales and magic characterise the varietal labels: The deer with a swan's neck for Xinomavro, the ballerina bird for Lefkotsiknias.

The red grape varieties Xinomavro and Moschomavro are combined during the ageing process. This "marriage" was the inspiration for the illustration of the two deers blending into another.

The Tsapournakos variety produced a new rosé wine packaged in a magnum bottle. The original label illustration was used with the discreet addition of a pink colour on the prince-frog.


The four varietal wines are packaged in custom designed carton boxes.

Ktima Vogiatzi
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